Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Eco tourism In Kerala

Kauthukapark, located in Chalakudy- Athirapilly road, reminds future generation the importance of saving & preserving nature. Varkey Veliyath , a commoner, love towards nature, dedication, hardworking were the reasons for the commencement of Kauthukapark. His hard work has now become admiration for the new generation to learn and enjoy as well. Kauthukapark spreads the message of nature loving and environment conservation.

This park exhibits cooperation and harmony among animals. It treasures diverse plant & animal organisms. Precious medicinal plants are conserved well. Ancient ploughing equipments, Sarpakavu (abode of snakes) will be always be a astonishing view for the new generation to remember. Travelling tree, tree house are the unique attraction spots which makes the visit to kauthukapark worthful.

From the inauguration of the park, Kauthukapark is one of the most exotic eco tourism destination of kerala, which is a attraction of ecotourism in kerala nowadays. Tourists, planning a visit to kauthukapark, can avail all facilities from Varkey veliyath. Visit to kauthukapark, is one of the famous Tourist Place Near Cochin Airport will be reasonable & a memorable trip to cherish forever.

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